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 Mohammed's Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam

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Mohammed's Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam, Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson

Why are most of the terrorists in the West drawn from the small percentage of our population who are Muslims?
This book makes it perfectly clear that Islam is a religion of war and conquest, and that this is precisely how Islam was viewed in the West, right up until thousands of innocent Americans were wiped out on 9/11.

The book shows how, since year 1 of the Islamic calendar, Jihad has been the fundamental component leading to Islam's success.
And the book proves that this account of Islam was known by the educated elite across the West for centuries.
We prove that "Islam is a Religion of Peace" is The Grand Lie of the 21st century (...) In addition to the 100 page Introduction showing how in just 20 years the lies of the elite have turned the notion of Islam upside-down, the book contains an entire Koran, decrypted by placing the parts of the Koran into chronological order - thus demonstrating that Islam was a failure until Mohammed started to make killing unbelievers an act of worship within Islam.

„Nach dem Nazismus und dem Kommunismus ist der Islam die dritte totalitäre Ideologie, welche die Menschheit bedroht.“ György Konrád, Holocaustüberlebender

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